Utility Scale Solar Landowner Consulting

Landowner Advocates

Protecting farm and ranch land from residential and commercial development presents challenges for many landowners. Utility scale solar development presents a unique temporary solution with a predictable income stream and lease length ranging from 20 to 40 years. The economics of alternative land uses can then be re-evaluated.

Our firm consults with landowners to determine if a solar project is feasible on their land. If feasibility is determined, we work as a landowner advocate to market the potential solar project to our network of industry partners to get your solar farm developed under favorable terms.

Utility Scale Solar Project Development Expertise

With 13 years experience in the development of utility scale renewable energy projects, we know how to bring projects to fruition. John McNair, Owner/ Broker has a proven track record of success in the renewable energy industry taking large scale projects from conceptual idea to commercial operations. John has handled the lease-up of hundreds of thousands of acres over the years for renewable project development. As a 6th generation Texas rancher, John is in-tune to the needs of farming and ranching families and knows how to advocate for their best interests.

Project Feasibility Analysis

Not all land is suitable for utility scale solar generation. Factors such as proximity to a potential grid interconnection point, solar resource, capacity on the grid, and other nearby planned generation all weigh heavily when determining feasibility. We identify issues and if there is potential – work with landowners to overcome fatal flaws to make the potential project attractive for development. 

Project Marketing and Equity Placement

Once feasibility is established and documented, we begin marketing the potential solar project to capable developers. We work with multiple solar developer/ project owners to facilitate the due diligence process and find the best development partner with the most attractive terms for the landowner, who can take the project to completion.

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