When land passes to the next generation with an undivided ownership, difficulties may arise. McNair Farm & Ranch Real Estate works with landowners wishing to partition their property to create separate parcels. Much like you’d visit with an architect before building a house, we work with landowners on creating feasible partition solutions before sending it to a surveyor. The map files we create in our office can be used by survey crews to accurately survey the partition/s desired. 

Right-Of-Way Design & Acquisition

We work with owners of landlocked parcels to define access easements that need to be obtained, and create digital map files that can be communicated to surveyors. We have experience obtaining right-of-way for short distances such as a driveway, or longer distances – such as power lines stretching for 20 miles. We work with individuals, private corporations and municipalities. 

Strategic Land Acquisition

Our expertise with geospatial data allows us to work on behalf of individual and institutional land buyers to target properties by using a variety of data – such as saturated aquifer thickness, streams, rivers or geologic features – the possibilities are endless. We have experience obtaining consents for projects both small and large – up to 80,000 acres and hundreds of landowners in complexity. We have experience coordinating environmental permitting such as Phase I ESA, Wetlands Delineation, Stormwater Permitting etc. 

 Title Curative

We specialize in helping landowners identify and clear any potential title issues before bringing the property on the market. When title companies hit a brick wall trying to locate missing interest owners – our efforts have resulted in closings that may not have occured or taken years instead. Our expertise allows us to identify current mineral rights owners on difficult properties. 

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