Wind Farms For Sale

John McNair is a land broker and experienced wind farm developer 

that specializes in marketing wind farm properties for sale in Texas. 

Texas Land Broker and Experienced Wind Farm Developer

Selling land with wind turbines isn’t something that your typical REALTOR will understand. Texas real estate broker John McNair is an experienced utility scale wind farm developer who has been involved in wind farm development in Texas since 2008. John helps families with the decision of how to best market wind farm properties. 

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How Wind Turbines Affect Land Values

Utility scale wind power generation in Texas is a fairly young industry, with some of the first wind farms in Texas constructed less than twenty years ago. We continue to see varied opinions, valuations and appraisals on land with income producing wind turbines. Some factors that affect land values include the location of the land, quality of the soil, drainage, as well as property size. We carefully evaluate the wind income stream from each property using proprietary financial models that account for grid congestion,  length of the offtake agreement, turbine reliability and contract terms.